About Fateh

Fateh is a new kid on the blog. Real name is Wan Xu Fay Han Ah Fatt. Just kidding. Really real name is Wan Zufayhan Alfateh bin Wan Zuhairi. Born on 12/12/07, at Hospital Selayang, through a caesarean, due to foetal distress, sudah terberak di dalam. He weighted 2.94kg and had a little jaundice until he has to spend 6 days at hospital upon birth to get the blue light treatment. Fateh looks like a Chinese when he was born, until mummy thought his eyes were just been made a minutes ago, so small like biji tembikai. Fateh got a black thick and sharp-like-durian hair. He smiles for the first time on the 6th day of his life. He can meniarap at age of two months plus. and Now at 5 moths plus(when this blog is made), he likes to berguling, try tu crawl already, mengekek, and of course lots of meniarap until tgh tido pun nak meniarap… ayo… praktis dalam tido… so hardworking baby.


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